• Maryland Salsa Jam – Salsa Ladies Styling Workshop

    Maryland Salsa Jam

    Great time teaching the Salsa Ladies Styling Workshop at Maryland Salsa Jam this weekend!
    Check out the clips from the workshop below…

    The Baltimore ladies were working it and I was so proud of them! We had a ton of fun and laughs.

    Big thank you to Jesus Obregon, owner of Maryland Salsa Jam, for inviting me and giving me such a warm welcome.

    Also went out and danced the night away at Mobtown Social in Baltimore, Maryland. Had some great dances!

    Look forward to seeing everyone in Maryland again at Baltimore’s Spring Fling on March 17th, 2012.

    I can’t wait to social dance with you all and I will also be performing and teaching with my partner Joel Dominguez.

    More amazing performances are being held that night from:


    Shani Talmor & Sekou from NYC
    Baltimore’s Own, Columbia Dance Project
    Clave Kazi (DC)
    Conga Beat (DC)
    CDP Couples Team (BMORE)
    DC Casineros (DC)


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