• Expressing Yourself Through Dance

    I wanted to start this blog, not only to help ladies with their salsa ladies styling and body movement but to express how I feel about dancing.
    I’m a big fan of keeping it simple and adding my own flavor or style to the move. You can take the same “shine” and when you add different feelings or give it your own it looks like a completely different step! You can make if flowy and sexy, you can make it sharp and funky, and so on.
    My job is to give you the tools on stepping correctly, and using technique that will benefit all through out your dancing.
    Your job is to give it your all, mean it, make it count. You will see how it adds a big difference to your dancing.
    When you give even your basic step some power, or meaning, it can look totally different then when it looks like you are memorizing the step and counting in your head.
    In my workshops, I work on hitting the right beats and making the 2 and 6 sharp and also I work with you to bring out the confidence and sexy person that you are!
    I tell the ladies to vision themselves hitting a beat with a body part –arms, feet, rib cage. Maybe with the slaps of the conga, you really press into the floor on the 2 or the 6. Or hit your hand movement.
    It’s about being aware of what your body is actually doing. The more you are memorizing a step and the #’s in the steps, the less you are aware.
    So when you keep it simple and drill a simple shine over and over, you learn to bring flavor and sexiness to that shine. Then you move on from there.
    But try and master one thing at a time. Maybe it’s just your basic. Hit the 2 going forward really sharp, add the hip move. Then when you drill that over and over and you like the way it looks, move on to the Suzy Q. Add levels to it, make it funky, make it sexy.
    This will also help you practice the timing also! Knowing where the 2 and 6 are in the song by using the body to tell you. Eventually your body will let you know how it feels when you are not on the right beat.