• How Do I Get Confident In My Dancing?

    How do I Get Confident in My Dancing?Confident Dancing

    This is one topic that always intrigued me when it comes to dancing….

    Ladies seem to ask me the same question ….
    “How come I don’t look or feel sexy while I am dancing or adding ladies styling to my dancing?”

    It’s just like anything in life, you have to do it over and over in order for you to feel comfortable doing it.
    Think about the first day of your job and now you can probably do it with your eyes clothes… right?

    Here are some things that can also help……

    One thing you can do is stand up straight! By this I mean, have good posture.

    Body language plays a huge part in dancing (and in so many other ways).

    Try doing the basic step or right turn slouching or being lazy. Then try it again by bringing your
    shoulders back, your abs engaged and standing tall. It gives it a totally different look!

    Now, you are breathing confidence!

    Being mindful (aware) of your body is very powerful and can help you so much in your dancing.
    The more you are aware of your body, the more you are present and in the moment.

    This will take away from your worrying or feeling afraid of what other people are thinking.

    Another thing that helps is while I am in the middle of dancing with a partner I try and take note of how
    I felt when he turned me and then I alter it the next time by fixing my posture, engaging my muscles –
    either abs or quads or buttocks!

    Do the same when you are adding an arm style or a hip roll. Keep your torso nice and straight and
    give some power to your arms or your hip movement. It looks 100 times more confident!

    Think about going into a job interview for the first time. You want to give the impression that you
    are capable of doing the job knowing you have no clue what it really entails. You are dressed up,
    giving firm hand shakes, having good posture and you are acting confident!

    The point here is to ACT confident and sexy and you will be able to start building your confidence
    level and see it develop into your dancing.

    Even little things like straightening your hair or wearing sexy or form fitting clothes, or something
    showing a little shoulder or wearing hot dance shoes during your classes or social dancing will help you
    feel even more sexy and confident.

    Trust me! It works!

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