• Salsa Ladies Styling Challenge @ Mambito’s Mexico!

    This was a fun workshop that Maria Palmieri (NYC), Crystal Rodriguez (NYC), Jonte Thibodeaux (NYC) and Martiza Gonzalez (Mexico) taught at the Mambito’s 2nd Anniversary Event in Mexico  – February 2014. Mambito’s is one of the hottest Salsa socials right now in all of Mexico run by Promoter Armambo Cervantes.

    The format of the workshop was for each instructor to teach a choreography and the students had to dance to all of them!

    It was fun, challenging and super sexy. All the ladies rocked it!

    It was such a pleasure working with these super talented instructors!!!


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  • Salsa Ladies Styling Workshop – Arm Styling, Spins, Musicality Nov 2013

    Enjoy this workshop Maria Palmieri taught in NYC – Adv Beginner Salsa Ladies Styling.
    It incorporates Arm Styling, Half Right & Left Turns, Spins and Shines with Musicality!

    Sign up on my website to get notified for the next one!




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  • Salsa & Bachata Ladies Styling Workshop – October 2013

    Ladies, You are invited to join top NYC instructors, Maria Palmieri and Daniela Grosso in this special 2.5 hour Salsa & Bachata Ladies Styling Workshop!

    Lady Styling

    Ladies Styling

    You will learn how to add sexiness and sharpness into your dancing by not only adding technique but learning how to play with musicality.

    We will cover isolations, body movement, arm styling and learn a fun and sexy choreography to get you ready for the dance floor!

    Date – Saturday, October 12th from 3-5.30pm
    Where – JoelSalsa – 519 8th Avenue, 12th Floor, NYC
    3.00pm – Salsa Ladies Styling with Maria
    4.15pm – Bachata Ladies Styling with Daniela
    1 Workshop for $18
    Both Workshops for $30!
    Cash Only Please

    – RSVP to info@mariapalmieri.com –

    This workshop is for all levels and will help build your confidence in social dancing and performing.

    We are excited to bring you this very special ladies styling workshop so come join us and get ready to work ladies!!


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  • Salsa Intensive Training Course – October 2013

    Join top NYC Salsa Instructors – Maria Palmieri & Joel Dominguez in this one-of-a-kind Salsa Training course!

    You will learn to be able to control your steps, gain more balance, learn the layers of Salsa music, what we call the Triangle of connection, also  being able to execute turn patterns with efficiency and fluidity!
    And much much more!!

    Starts: October 22nd at 8.30pm – 10pm (1.5 hours)
    Tuesday & Thursday (twice per week)
    Where: JoelSalsa Studios – 519 8th Avenue, 12th Floor, NYC
    How: Must Register by sending email to info@joelsalsa.com
    (This is limited to 15 couples)
    Level: Advanced Beginner/Intermediate and higher
    (must be dancing for at least 1 year or more)
    Cost: $250 for entire course


    We will also have featured instructors to teach Afro-Cuban moves, isolations, strength and more!

    So sign up now by sending us an email to info@joelsalsa.com

    Take your dancing to another level NOW!


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  • Joel & Maria Salsa Performance NYC – July 2013

    Joel Dominguez & Maria Palmieri of JoelSalsa Dance Studios performing at the
    New York Salsa Dura Festival 2013.

    This was a very musical choreography put together by both dancers to “Co Co My My” Pancho Sanchez.




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  • Salsa Ladies Styling Class NY – 2 Hour Workshop – July 29th 2013

    Do you want to add sexiness, style and power to your dancing? 

    Then join me for a 2-Hour Intensive Salsa Ladies Styling Workshop
    on Monday, July 29th at 7.30pm!
    The first hour of this workshop we will cover a lot of technique to show you HOW to be more powerful in your dancing and to have more body awareness so that you can execute the moves the way you want. We will cover everything from body movements, isolations, body rolls, spin techniques, musicality and arm styling.
    The second hour we will implement everything into a fun and sexy choreography so get ready to work!
    When: Monday, July 29th from 7.30pm – 9.30pm
    Where: JoelSalsa – 519 8th Avenue, 12th Floor, NYC
    Cost: $25 (cash only)
    Must RSVP as spaces are limited. Email to info@mariapalmieri.com to reserve your space.
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  • Salsa Ladies Styling NY Workshop – May 2013

    Check out this Salsa Ladies Styling Bootcamp I hosted in NYC! It covered everything from spin techniques,
    body movement, arm styling salsa, ladies styling On2 style!


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  • Salsa Ladies Styling 4 Week Bootcamp – April 22nd – May 13th 2013

    It’s baaaackkk!! My Ladies Styling Intensive workshops!

    This will be a 4-week Ladies Styling Intensive Bootcamp that will cover everything from
    spinning techniques,Salsa Ladies Styling Maria Palmieri body rolls, head whips, arm styling, musicality & much more!

    You will learn how you can add sexy body movements, flavor and arm/hand styling to your dancing while
    connecting to the music and your partner.

    Learn what it takes to unleash that sexy diva inside of you with confidence and attitude!

    When you have the right tools, the rest is easy!

    We will work on a spin drills, arm drills and lots of body movement, then implement into a combination that we can perfect each week with technique so you are not just learning the steps but learning how to execute it correctly to make you look sharp and flawless on the dance floor.


    Monday, April 22nd – May 13th (4 Weeks)
    Time: 8-9.30pm (1.5 hrs)
    Where: JoelSalsa -519 8th Avenue, 12th Floor, NYC
    Cost: Only $69 (cash only)

    Must RSVP!

    Email info@mariapalmieri.com to reserve your space!

    See you on the dance floor!!

    -Maria Palmieri


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  • Salsa & Bachata Ladies Styling Workshop Dec 1st 2012

    This Salsa & Bachata Ladies Styling workshop was taught at JoelSalsa on Dec 1st 2012.
    Maria Palmieri taught the Salsa Lady Styling and Daniela Grosso taught the Bachata Lady Styling.
    The workshops were taught back to back and it was a ton of fun!

    Salsa Ladies Styling by Maria Palmieri



    Bachata Ladies Styling by Daniela


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  • Salsa & Bachata Ladies Styling Workshop! December 1st 2012

    Salsa & Bachata Ladies Styling Workshop with Maria Palmieri from JoelSalsa and Daniela Grosso from LFX!

    This workshop is offered for ladies who want to add or develop a sexy and feminineMaria Palmieri
    style to their Salsa or Bachata dancing or both!

    This first hour will be dedicated to Salsa and the second hour will be dedicated to Bachata.

    Ladies will have the option to take one hour or both.

    The workshop will focus on proper technique to execute hip movement, arm styling and body movement into footwork and turns.
    You will learn how to add it smoothly and effortlessly into your dancing!

    Components such as body rolls, head whips, shoulder rolls and other hip and rib cage movement are explained in detail.

    Ladies will then learn how to apply these specific movements with specific timing and count for these moves into a fun and sexy footwork sequence at the end!
    Get ready to work it ladies!!

    The workshop is for all levels of dancing and can help you build your confidence through technique, control and expression in your social dancing or performances!!

    When: Saturday, December 1st from 1-3pm
    Where: JoelSalsa – 519 8th Avenue, 12th floor, NYC
    Price: 1 hour for $15, 2 hours for $25
    (students may choose salsa styling or bachata styling or both!)
    Instructors: Maria Palmieri & Daniela Grosso

    Please send an email to info@joelsalsa.com to reserve your space!

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