• Salsa Ladies Styling 2 Hour Bootcamp – March 2015

    Join this Salsa Ladies Styling 2-Hour Bootcamp with Maria Palmieri!Salsa Ladies Styling Maria Palmieri

    In this bootcamp we will break down proper technique, body movement and how to control yourself to help you become a lighter and sharper dancer!

    We will work on hip movement, arm styling, posture, body rolls and lots of drilling so you gain the muscle memory your body needs!

    Towards the end of the workshop we will dive into a fun, challenging shine combo and add all the sexy styling we learned!

    Date/Time – March 14th from 3-5pm
    Where – JoelSalsa – 519 8th Avenue, 12th Floor, NYC
    Cost – $25 (cash please)
    Must RSVP – info@mariapalmieri.com


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  • Salsa Ladies Styling Workshop Challenge – February 2015 NYC

    This salsa ladies styling workshop will be a 1-day challenge with 3 top NYC dance instructors.

    You will learn everything from arm styling, body movement, adding flavor and style to your dancing.

    All 3 instructors will break down the technique and steps to help you understand what goes behind the styling to make it powerful!

    Join the fun! Join the challenge!


    >>>REGISTER HERE – http://bit.ly/slschallenge2

    Date/Time: Saturday, February 28th from 3:30-5pm
    Where: CORRECT ADDRESS – 500 8th Avenue, 12th Floor, NYC
    Level: Intermediate or higher
    Cost: $25 for 1.5 hours


    >>>REGISTER HERE – http://bit.ly/slschallenge2

    See you there!

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  • Salsa Performance Group – JoelSalsa Dance With Feeling – The CopaCabana NYC

    Our debut performance of ‘The Dance With Feeling Project’ by JoelSalsa!

    Choreographed by Joel Dominguez & Maria Palmieri of JoelSalsa.
    Dancers are Joel Dominguez & Maria Palmieri, Edwin Ferreras & Daniela Grosso,
    Jean Franco Vergeray & Jonte Thibadeaux.

    The debut took place at La Clave salsa event @ The CopaCabana in New York which is
    every 1st and 3rd Thursday of every month! Best salsa party during the week!


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  • Ladies Styling Salsa Challenge With 3 Top NYC Divas

     Take your dancing to the next level and challenge yourself in 2015!!
    In this workshop you will learn a challenging and sexy shine combo from
    3 different unique instructors covering arm styling, body movement,
    power in your dancing and lots of flavor!!!
    Don’t miss this one of a kind workshop with – Maria Palmieri, Melissa Rosado & Crystal Rodriguez!
    They will help bring out the sexiness in YOU!


    When – Saturday, January 10th 2015
    Time – 3:30-5pm (come early to complete registration)
    Where: 519 8th Avenue, 12th Floor, NYC
    Level: Intermediate
    Cost: Only $25 for 1.5 hours (cash only)

    Must RSVP to Reserve Your Space – Spaces are Limited!

    REGISTER HERE: http://bit.ly/slschallenge1



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  • Salsa Ladies Styling – 4 Week Bootcamp – October 20th – November 10th 2014

    It’s baaaackkk!!
    My Salsa Ladies Styling Intensive workshops!
    This will be a 4-week Salsa Ladies Styling Intensive Bootcamp that will cover everything fromMaria Palmieri body control when dancing and doing your turns, adding power to your dancing, arm styling, body movement and much much more!
    Styling is not only about sexy arms and sexy body rolls, but its the power and control you put behind it!
    Learn techniques on how to use the floor to give you that extra control to add dynamic to your dancing!
    When you have the right tools, the rest is easy!
    We will work on spin drills, arm drills and lots of body movement, then implement into a fun and sexy combination that we can perfect each week with technique so you are not just learning the steps but learning how to execute it correctly to make you look sharp and flawless on the dance floor.

    When: Monday, October 20th – November 10th (4 Weeks)
    Time: 8:30-10pm (1.5 hrs)

    Where: JoelSalsa -519 8th Avenue, 12th Floor, NYC
    Cost: Only $75 for the 4 classes (Cash only)

    Level – Advanced Beginner and higher

    Must RSVP! Spaces are Limited!

    Email info@mariapalmieri.com to reserve your space!
    See you on the dance floor!!
    -Maria Palmieri
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  • Salsa Ladies Styling Workshop – Maria Palmieri NYC – July 2014

    Calling All Ladies!

    My salsa ladies styling workshop will be held –
    Monday, July 14th 2014

    Come learn a fun, sexy choreography that will incorporate arm styling, body movement, technique and more!

    Learn how you can look and feel sexy on the dance floor but with good tools to control your movements…


    Ladies Styling Maria Palmieri

    Where: JoelSalsa – 519 8th Avenue, 12th Floor, NYC
    When: July 14th 2014
    Time: 8:30pm – 10pm
    Cost: $20 for 1.5 hours (cash only please)

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  • Salsa Tip For Ladies – Controlling Balance in Partnerwork

    Tip from Maria Palmieri on how to keep control of your body when dancing in Salsa partnerwork.

    Maria emphasizes on focusing the awareness on the legs and loosening the tension in the arms so that we have morecontrol when doing any turns in Salsa dancing.

    This will help us be lighter and better followers.




    Salsa Tip Tuesdays - Balance Tips for Ladies - Video 4 thumbnail

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  • Salsa Ladies Styling Workshop NYC – Maria Palmieri – 2014-05

    Salsa Ladies Styling Worskhop in NYC with Maria Palmieri!
    We worked on technique, body control & body movement, arm styling and a fun challenging
    footwork at the end!


    Sign up on the right hand side of mariapalmieri.com to get updates on next workshop! >>

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    Salsa Ladies Styling Maria Palmieri Image 2014-05-01

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  • Salsa Ladies Styling Tip – Inside Turn – April 2014

    Salsa Ladies Styling Tip for ladies styling during partner work. This tip is for when you are styling during inside turns and/or any partner work!
    Ladies always spot your partner before adding any arm styling so we avoid hitting our partner 🙂

    Enjoy the video!
    Subscribe to my Youtube channel for more tips and ladies styling!


    Salsa Ladies Styling Arm Styling Partnerwork

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  • 2-Hour Ladies Styling Workshop NYC – May 1st 2014!

    Come join me in this 2-Hour one-of-a-kind Salsa Ladies Styling workshop in NYC!

    In the first hour, we will work on spin techniques, arm styling, body movement & control,
    isolations, body rolls as well as musicality!
    Yes it will be an intensive 2 hour ladies styling bootcamp so come ready to work!

    We will then work our way to learning a fun and challenging footwork combination incorporating
    all the techniques! You don’t want to miss this!

    Ladies Styling Maria Palmieri

    JoelSalsa – 519 8th Avenue, 12th Floor, NYC
    DATE – MAY 1ST, 2014
    6.15pm – Registration
    6.30pm – 8.30pm – Ladies Styling Workshop
    Only $20 for the 2 Hours!!
    – Cash Only Please –

    – Must RSVP to Info@mariapalmieri.com, Spaces are limited.

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