• Salsa Tip For Ladies – Controlling Balance in Partnerwork

    Tip from Maria Palmieri on how to keep control of your body when dancing in Salsa partnerwork.

    Maria emphasizes on focusing the awareness on the legs and loosening the tension in the arms so that we have morecontrol when doing any turns in Salsa dancing.

    This will help us be lighter and better followers.




    Salsa Tip Tuesdays - Balance Tips for Ladies - Video 4 thumbnail

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  • Salsa Ladies Styling Workshop NYC – Maria Palmieri – 2014-05

    Salsa Ladies Styling Worskhop in NYC with Maria Palmieri!
    We worked on technique, body control & body movement, arm styling and a fun challenging
    footwork at the end!


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    Salsa Ladies Styling Maria Palmieri Image 2014-05-01

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