• Salsa Ladies Styling Tip – Inside Turn – April 2014

    Salsa Ladies Styling Tip for ladies styling during partner work. This tip is for when you are styling during inside turns and/or any partner work!
    Ladies always spot your partner before adding any arm styling so we avoid hitting our partner 🙂

    Enjoy the video!
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    Salsa Ladies Styling Arm Styling Partnerwork

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  • 2-Hour Ladies Styling Workshop NYC – May 1st 2014!

    Come join me in this 2-Hour one-of-a-kind Salsa Ladies Styling workshop in NYC!

    In the first hour, we will work on spin techniques, arm styling, body movement & control,
    isolations, body rolls as well as musicality!
    Yes it will be an intensive 2 hour ladies styling bootcamp so come ready to work!

    We will then work our way to learning a fun and challenging footwork combination incorporating
    all the techniques! You don’t want to miss this!

    Ladies Styling Maria Palmieri

    JoelSalsa – 519 8th Avenue, 12th Floor, NYC
    DATE – MAY 1ST, 2014
    6.15pm – Registration
    6.30pm – 8.30pm – Ladies Styling Workshop
    Only $20 for the 2 Hours!!
    – Cash Only Please –

    – Must RSVP to Info@mariapalmieri.com, Spaces are limited.

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  • Burju Dance Shoes Top 3 Picks – La Alemana, Jorjet & Black Pearl

    In this video Maria Palmieri (Salsa expert & NY Burju Shoes dealer) discusses the Top 3 picks of
    Burju Dance Shoes and why!

    Top 3 Picks – La Alemana, Jorjet, and the Black Pearl

    Enjoy the video and please leave your comments and SHARE!




    Burju Shoes Maria Palmieri discount 3 picks

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