• Salsa Ladies Styling 4 Week Bootcamp – April 22nd – May 13th 2013

    It’s baaaackkk!! My Ladies Styling Intensive workshops!

    This will be a 4-week Ladies Styling Intensive Bootcamp that will cover everything from
    spinning techniques,Salsa Ladies Styling Maria Palmieri body rolls, head whips, arm styling, musicality & much more!

    You will learn how you can add sexy body movements, flavor and arm/hand styling to your dancing while
    connecting to the music and your partner.

    Learn what it takes to unleash that sexy diva inside of you with confidence and attitude!

    When you have the right tools, the rest is easy!

    We will work on a spin drills, arm drills and lots of body movement, then implement into a combination that we can perfect each week with technique so you are not just learning the steps but learning how to execute it correctly to make you look sharp and flawless on the dance floor.


    Monday, April 22nd – May 13th (4 Weeks)
    Time: 8-9.30pm (1.5 hrs)
    Where: JoelSalsa -519 8th Avenue, 12th Floor, NYC
    Cost: Only $69 (cash only)

    Must RSVP!

    Email info@mariapalmieri.com to reserve your space!

    See you on the dance floor!!

    -Maria Palmieri


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