• Burju Shoes NY LVG 4th Anniversary

    Burju Shoes will be throwing a BIG Sale in the BIG APPLE!
    At this very special event – La Vieja Guardia (LVG) 4th Anniversary Event,
    all BurjuBurju Shoes LVG 4th Anniversary NY Shoes will be $20 OFF!

    This event will have exclusive new colors and styles and you can be the first to get this season’s newest from Burju Shoes at LVG!!

    Event info:
    LVG 4th Anniversary
    Metropolitan Pavilion
    125 West 18th Street
    New York, NY

    LVG is one of the biggest socials running in NYC!! Ask anyone and they will tell you
    their 4th Anniversary is an event that is not to be missed!
    They are known for the best Salsa music and there will also be 2 Live bands,
    New Swing Sextet and Wayne Gorbea.
    Five professional performances by Yamulee, Adolfo Indacochea & his Latin Sould Dancers,
    Santo Rico, Mouze, Carlos & Arlette!

    Email me for more info:  shoes@mariapalmieri.com

    See you there!!LVG Burju Shoes NY

    -Maria Palmieri

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