• Lady Styling Salsa NYC Workshop April 2012

    Salsa Ladies Styling Workshop held at JoelSalsa in Pearl Studios NYC – April 27th.


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  • Ladies Styling Bootcamp – April 27th & May 4th

    This 2 day workshop will take place on April 27th & May 4th.
    You will learn in this course – how to add style & flare to your dancing while breathing confidence on the dance floor!


    April 27th Workshop – 7.30-9pm
    – Foundation in movement and stepping
    – Arm Styling. Making it look sharp and flawless.
    – How to execute body movement correctly and add confidence to your dancing!!


    May 4th Workshop – 6.30-8pm
    – Review of Day 1
    – Adding styling and body movement to Turn patterns
    – Spinning technique


    This will be an intensive bootcamp for Ladies! You will learn how to spice up your dancing by adding sexy styling but most importantly how to execute it correctly to make you look controlled and confident on the dance floor.


    This 2 day workshop will give you a chance to learn it on the Day 1 and then practice what we learned over the week.
    Day 2 we will review and drill everything you learned in the first class and add styling into our turn patterns.
    This way it will be easier to execute the 2nd time around. Your body will have a chance to remember the moves and you will be able add more energy and feeling to the styling.

    You will be able to use these drills and arm styling in classes you take at the studio. The more you practice, the better your styling will be!


    Don’t miss out on this great workshop!!!


    Details :
    April 27th @ 7.30pm – Pearl Studios – 519 8th Avenue – 12th floor – Room F
    May 4th @ 6.30pm – Pearl Studios – 500 8th Avenue – 4th floor


    2 day workshop = $40 (Unlimited students will be discounted at $30)

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