• Ladies Styling Workshop NYC – March 27, 2012

    This workshop is designed for ladies who want to add a sexy style and feminine touch to their Salsa dancing. 
    The class emphasizes proper technique in doing hip & arm styling movement while adding it smoothly with control into the basic steps and salsa shines/footwork.


    The workshop will begin with isolations to warm up the body and target different muscles we use most when dancing.


    Then we will add the hip movement and sexy styling into our basic steps and turns as well as execute arm styling into our steps/turns.


    Ladies will learn how to apply these fundamentals into a foot work sequences using sexy body movements,
    correct posture and timing, expression and attitude and much more!


    This class is for beginners to intermediate dancers, and can help any student to develop their own style
    through technique, control and expression
    When: Tuesday, March 27th
    Where: Pearl Studios – 519 8th Avenue, 12th floor
    Time: 6.30-8.30pm (pls come at 6.30pm to register)
    Cost: $20

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